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More than just a home loan

When you are looking at home loan options for property in Terranora, there is a lot to be considered.  Our Terranora mortgage broker know that this can be daunting and that having someone to help with understanding the different options can be a big help.  When you contact us, we arrange a suitable time to call back and collect some initial information so that when our mortgage broker meets with you, they have already done the initial analysis for your situation and will have the solutions available to discuss immediately.  We respect your time and know that it is important to get specific as soon as possible.  Better still is that you get to keep this information free of obligation along with our advice on issues facing Terranora home loans and mortgages.

Mortgage Brokers helping you

The internet is a great source of information, but unfortunately, when it comes to home loan information, banks only publish the good news.  Whilst it is easy to find the advantages of a particular loan, you will find it quite difficult to discover the disadvantages.  When our mortgage brokers  help you work through a loan, we provide a comparison report which covers both the good and bad things.  Our software is designed to collect the details on over 3,000+ home loans.

As an extra advantage, Davies Home Loans holds its own Credit Licence, we are not a franchise, which means we are not influenced by franchise targets or rules.  Indeed under our licence and business structure we are able to help you get a loan with lenders that are not on our panel.  For us, it’s all about you, if you have a particular lender you want, let us know.

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We Understand

Terranora is a great place to live, but houses can cost a lot and invariably involve a home loan.  We understand the desire to get out of renting and own your own home, we have done this.  We also know that small fees and charges add up over time, particularly when compounded for 30 yrs.  We understand that people just want to know they are not getting ripped off by sneaky fine print.  Our mortgage broker for Terranora will help you.

When our Terranora mortgage broker analyses a loan scenario they present the option that matches your circumstances.  Even if they know that lender has particularly tough paperwork and processes to manage.  From our perspective that’s our mortgage broker’s job and when we achieve your goals we only ask that you tell a friend.  We understand it’s your dream and we feel privileged to be part of it.

Terranora Mortgage Broker

Davies Home Loans has been operating in and around Terranora for many years and offers a convenient office located near Bunnings.  Our Terranora mortgage broker can help you look at over 35 different lenders in one go.

With new estates like Altitude, Terranora continues to grow and attract new families.  You may currently be in a different area or city, looking to move to Terranora.  Nowadays, home loans can be arranged by phone, e-mail or video conference, so distance is no longer an issue.  Our Terranora mortgage broker is here to help you.

Terranora Area Profile

The size of Terranora is approximately 12 square kilometres. The population of Terranora in 2006 was 2,673 people. By 2011 the population was 2,799 showing a population growth of 4% in the area during that time. The predominant age group in Terranora is 0-14 years. Households in Terranora are primarily couples with children and are likely to be repaying between $2400 – $3000 per month on mortgage repayments. In general, people in Terranora work in a Professional occupation. In 2006, 88.2% of the homes in Terranora were owner-occupied compared with 86.3% in 2011. Currently the median sales price of houses in the area is 750,000.

Settlement history

Settlement of the area dates from the mid 1800s, with land used mainly for dairy farming and crop growing. Significant development did not occur until the 1970s, with substantial growth during the 1980s. Rapid growth took place during the 1990s, with the population doubling between 1991 and 2001. Growth continued between 2001 and 2011, but at a slower rate, as new dwellings continued to be added to the area.

Land use

Terranora is a rural and growing rural-residential and residential area.

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Darren Mccalman
Darren Mccalman
6. June, 2024.
Thanks Davies Home Loans for securing a lower interest rate on my home loan. Saving me time & money. Well done
Jared Phelan
Jared Phelan
30. April, 2024.
Greg and his business really go above and beyond even when things get complicated he will continue to serve you at the best of his abilities and help get threw them with you. -Jared."
Gold Coast Shuttle
Gold Coast Shuttle
8. April, 2024.
I felt very at ease once I spoke on the phone with Narelle, regarding starting our application. Greg is happy to meet with you in person to discuss your application. They made it very easy for you to provide documentation in a way that best suits you. Very understanding of self employment and small business circumstances.
Jacob Guinea
Jacob Guinea
2. April, 2024.
Davies Home Loans worked very hard to help me secure my home loan. They are continuing to work with me to get the best current interest rate available. Thank you Greg and team.
David Scott
David Scott
22. March, 2024.
I received a call today from Rochelle who advised that she recently approached the bank I have a mortgage with on my behalf, and the bank has agreed to reduce my interest rate by a little over 1% p.a., which will save me nearly $2,800 p.a. What service! Thanks very much guys!! David
Deon Louw
Deon Louw
8. March, 2024.
From my home loan to rate negotiations, what an awesome team. Highly recommended!! They really do try and get the best for their customers.
tarra martel
tarra martel
27. February, 2024.
Thank you so much to the team at Davies Home Loans! They are a very rare business that is so proactive. They review our loans (without any prompt from us) which consistently saves us money! We have been with the team for 9 years now. Would absolutely recommend!
Brett Mckenzie
Brett Mckenzie
6. February, 2024.
Excellent service, great communication and would recommend to anyone.
Chris Smith
Chris Smith
7. November, 2023.
Greg and his team went above and beyond with not only providing me the right home loan for my needs, but also helping me from the beginning of my journey to buying my first home. Which included sorting out debt, paying my taxes, saving and budgeting. Greg has been very patient, committed, great with communication and putting things in terms that are easy to understand A massive thankyou, highly recommended 10/10 service
Sharon Barnes
Sharon Barnes
14. September, 2023.
Greg and his team are proficient in arranging home loans perfectly suited to the needs of their clients and knowledgeable in understanding many variety of complex situations of lending. I highly recommend Greg and his team at Davies Home Loans, you won't be disappointed.